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Well, here it is… HELLO WORLD! This the first post ever. So I guess I should get ready to meet the world. Let’s start with the word Jediael. Jediael the name itself is of Hebrew decent and in broken into two parts YADA meaning to know and EL which is known as the God (father/creator). When I was younger is did a fair amount of gaming and ran across this name and thought it would be great for a healer. Later it kind of stuck. Today, Jediael is a plain and simple truth.  God reveals Himself to those who seek Him.

So who am I and why am I writing and making videos. Well first and foremost its an outlet for me. It is a way for me to stay in contact with family and friends as well as share my adventures with those who as less fortunate. I am so thankful for those people out there with blogs and videos where I have been able to follow their adventures and felt that I was there even when I either couldn’t physically accomplish what they were doing, I was too afraid to actually do it or I just didn’t have the money. Hopefully, I can pay back a small portion of what they have given me by sharing my life with others.

I am in my mid-40s and love the outdoors. Hiking and backpacking are my favorites but I really like about anything you can do outside. I am a serial entrepreneur and have owned and sold businesses since I was 21 years old. I grew up in Mobile, Al where I was raised by my mother and grandmother. In the early days, I never did very good in school and eventually dropped out of high school at the beginning of my 11th-grade year. I didn’t learn until much later in life that I was dyslexic and was probably one of my biggest challenges. It didn’t take long for me to learn that life was hard and I decided I needed to get my GED and some education so I signed up for a local community college dreaming to one day become the next Frank Llyod Wright. After a couple of years, I found that I had an affinity for computers. In fact, my Grandmother was largely to blame for my success in the computer field… In fact, I was able to write my first computer program in 1982 at the age of twelve.

Fast forward several years and I joined the US Navy where I ended up working in cyber security as a radioman. (They didn’t call it cyber back then) Since my days in the Navy, I continued to travel the world and keep the world safe from would-be hackers. The rest is history.

I never know how much to write in these there is much much more to share but that will come in time. Until next time God bless you.


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