Buyer’s Remorse

I have been frustrated with my wardrobe. I tend to be one of those guys who buy things at the last minute as something breaks, tears, or no longer fits. To make matters worse, I am a compulsive clothing buyer in that when I do buy something it is typically when I am on vacation. You can only imagine what my closet looks like with lines of tropical shirts, cowboy boots, and polo shirts that I will never wear.

I was recently on a business trip and was out of town for almost a month. Being in a hotel alone for a month has a way of help a person declutter their thoughts and plan. My wardrobe became the target of such thoughts. I needed a personal men’s clothing buyer/shopper. To my surprise this is a thing, in fact, people will get to know you, pick your clothes and send you a box on a set schedule. They will even tell you how to wear your wardrobe item. I was immediately intrigued, to say the least.

There are many services out there including places like Stitch Fix, Five-Four, and Trunk Club. There are many many choices out there. Know that I typically wear about ten things in my closet, and the rest sits I decided to clean house and spend top dollar for the clothes I DO wear, so I chose Trunk Club in Washington DC and met with Dana my very own personal shopper and fashion consultant. She was/is amazing!

After about two hours she understood my style, lifestyle and the balance I wanted between comfort and style. I spent a lot more that I had intended. In fact, I spent about four times the amount I initially considered. Normally I would have been regretting my decline the next day but to my surprise the opposite was true, I was motivated and invigored. The next evening after work I cleaned out all of my drawers. I am down to two drawers of clothes I wear and one winter/off season drawer. Next step is my closet. In the meantime, I will continue working with Dana and will receive a couple of clothing items a month until I am fully happy with my wardrobe.

Thank you, Dana! I’m finally on the right track, and my wife is now willing to be seen with me in public. My new look is a far cry from hiking boots and pants with zip-off legs.

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